Here's a quick summary of the important points to remember about what is happening in Laguna:

  • Liberate Laguna is backed by a small group of big-time local developers who have been speculating on the future of Laguna
  • They spent over $152,000 on the Laguna Beach City Council election, which is 4-5 times as much as some candidates spent on the campaign
  • Laguna has never before seen this type of effort to buy a campaign, and this type of a slick, negative, smear campaign
  • Most importantly, they are advocating the removal of commercial height, mass, and compatibility restrictions, and to "Fast-Track" commercial development which will forever change the face of Laguna
  • This will end up changing not only Downtown but South Laguna and the Canyon as well.  If you're spending big bucks putting the city in fast-track development mode then run with it, right?  All the way down to the ocean.

Follow the Money:

Contributions to Liberate Laguna are over $150,000