Who are the Developers who Donated to Liberate Laguna?

Shopoff Reality/Enterprises ($33,000 to Liberate Laguna)

As stated in an OC Register article May 22, 2020, "Shopoff Realty Investments creates investor funds to finance commercial and residential real estate ventures across the country. In addition to investing in mixed-use projects, hotels, shopping centers and apartment buildings, the Shopoffs’ specialty is finding property with untapped value, obtaining development rights and new zoning, then reselling it for a substantial profit.”

Mohammad "Mo" Honarkar  ($20,000 to Liberate Laguna)

Sanderson J Ray Construction  ($17,000 to Liberate Laguna)

City Planning Documents (Contrary to what you have heard, the City has specific, clear, well-documented residential development guidelines)

Economic Feasibility of Public vs Private Parking Garages in Laguna (it's clear why developers want the public to pay)

Stu Mollrich - A strong force in California politics helping Liberate Laguna spin their message to the residents of Laguna

A ballot measure would add certainty to height and density restrictions in Laguna Beach -  See what Costa Mesa, Dana Point, and other cities have done