The ultimate way to become involved is to be informed and vote your choice.  With the onset of Mega-PACs in Laguna, each election is going to require us all to dig deeper to find the truth.  Remember that over half of the postcards that have shown up in your mailboxes, and many of the full-page ads were paid for by Liberate Laguna, the Developers' special-interest PAC.  With over $153,000 to spend, there has never before been this type of well-financed smear campaign in the history of Laguna Beach.

Next, there will be opportunities to voice your concerns when growth-oriented issues come before the Planning Commission, Design Review, and City Council.  All of these bodies carefully consider public input, both written and in-person.  Join our mailing list to keep informed when important issues are on the table, and need your support.  

Finally, there are groups of like-minded residents that you can join to help amplify your own voice.  You might want to look at Village Laguna as a good example of a grass-roots community organization.  Founded in 1971, this non-profit mutual-benefit community organization began when concerned citizens opposed the construction of high rise buildings along the legendary Laguna Beach coastline.  This is the group that stopped the high-rises and successfully advocated for Main Beach Park.

Since 1971 Village Laguna's goals have expanded to preserve, enhance, and celebrate the unique village character and cultural heritage of Laguna Beach; to foster community spirit and address social needs; and to work toward restoring and protecting our ocean and coastal habitats.

Village Laguna hosts monthly meetings where you will find opportunities to learn and take action to preserve and enhance the village character of Laguna Beach.  The regular monthly meetings are free and you would be a welcomed guest.  Find out more about Village Laguna here.