How do you feed a piranha?

The answer, of course: very carefully!

There's a new PAC (Political Action Committee) called Liberate Laguna in our pond, waiting to be fed.

According to public filings as of 10/23:

  • Four big-time local commercial real estate developers contributed almost all of the $152,502 that Liberate Laguna PAC has raised.
  • That far exceeds the total amount spent by any of the other candidates.

You think they are here to help us?  Think again.

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......oh, and remind him about that favor he owes us.

When a PAC spends this kind of money, and hires one of the most capable and experienced PR firms in the country, what do they expect?  It's called Return on Investment.

Successful real estate developers know how to buy, build, and sell.  It worked in Irvine, it worked in Marina Del Rey, it worked in Huntington Beach.  Time for Laguna's turn in the "Big, Tall, Revitalized" sweepstakes?  Our village has become a hot lottery ticket.

PAC Agenda >>

Is Laguna Beach really for sale?

Why would a developer want "Mixed-Use" zoning downtown?

The higher the building, the more square feet you can collect rent from.  Retail and Restaurants on the lower levels.  Residential on the upper levels.   Quadrupled density gives you quadrupled income from your existing lot.

Where do the new customers and tenants park?  Easy.  Ask the city to build more parking structures for you.  How do we handle quadrupled congestion from quadrupled density? Not so easy.

What's in it for them >>