Liberate Laguna PAC - Who are they?

  • Four wealthy Southern California real estate developers formed Liberate Laguna PAC to focus on changing the face of Laguna through the election process.
  • Over $152,000 has been raised, with more on the way.
  • Liberate Laguna retains a very powerful PR firm, Stu Mollrich Communications.

Liberate Laguna PAC - What's in it for them?

Why would the Liberate Laguna backers want to fast-track "Mixed-Use" zoning downtown?  It is really about the amount of rent that can be collected per lot. Tall buildings have more floors; more floors translate into more square feet; more square feet translates into more rent.

Then the new mixed-use space actually gets used, so where are the new customers and tenants going to park?  That's where we, the residents come in.  They are asking us now to build more parking structures.  The only problem is that parking structures are expensive.  Even worse, how do we handle the increased congestion from the increased use density? Not so easy.  We are at the end of a canyon, with only three ways in or out.

Liberate Laguna - What do they want?

  • "Fast-Track Approvals for Business Property Renovation"
  • "Eliminating Unnecessary Rules"

Many of those "Unnecessary Rules" were put into place after the several of the high-rise beachfront condos were built here years ago.  Remember that the Montage was built under the rules they want to abolish, and the results are stunning. Who could possibly be against standards that create that quality of development for Laguna?  (or, have we just answered that question?)

We live in a special place that is at the end of a beautiful, narrow canyon, and up against a welcoming beach.  There are only three ways in or out of here.

  • Changes to Laguna need thought and care.
  • No more fast-track high-rise condos like the Liberate Laguna developers do to Irvine.
  • Why should we be bullied into accepting anything less?

Liberate Laguna - Their Development Projects

What's in store for Laguna?  There are several major whole-block redevelopment that will forever change the face of Laguna.  Keep track of where these projects are in the approval and development process.

  • Heisler Landing will wipe out the block north of the Art Museum and replace it with a luxury hotel.
  • The Cleo is another hotel project that will go in just North of Ralphs, adding to conjunction in a very busy area and bring more traffic to the adjoining neighborhoods.
  • Also, take a look at what "our" developers have done to neighboring towns.