Who are the Developers who Donated to Liberate Laguna?

Shopoff Reality/Enterprises ($33,000 to Liberate Laguna)

Mohammad "Mo" Honarkar  ($20,000 to Liberate Laguna)

Sanderson J Ray Construction  ($17,000 to Liberate Laguna)

City Planning Documents (Contrary to what you have heard, the City has specific, clear, well-documented residential development guidelines)

Economic Feasibility of Public vs Private Parking Garages in Laguna (it's clear why developers want the public to pay)

Stu Mollrich - A strong force in California politics helping Liberate Laguna spin their message to the residents of Laguna

A ballot measure would add certainty to height and density restrictions in Laguna Beach -  See what Costa Mesa, Dana Point, and other cities have done